Hello and Welcome

Hello! Come on in and have a nice cup of tea.

I’ve got lots to tell you, and that will have to come in the next few posts – it’s late tonight and bed beckons. This is a simply a warm welcome from me to you, whomever you are and wherever you might have traveled from. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to stay, to make yourself at home, to raid the liquor cabinet.

I’ve created this blog to chronicle the process, insights, trials, tribulations, revelations, frustrations, and exultations of writing twelve (or 13) novels in the year 2012. I’m not too keen on sharing my material as I write it unless there is a profound interest in me doing so, because I’m a huge believer in allowing myself to write the worst crap and/or the greatest prose in the world to get things done with little regard for who might read it. What I really want to do is encourage all the dreamers out there to try an almost impossible thing and see what happens.

The worst you can do not to fail – it’s to not even try.

Why I’m doing this is a rally cry to those out there waiting for the right time to become who they are, including my own self. It won’t be easy, but it will be an absolute adventure, and life ought to have a good deal of adventures. And with this small post, I shall bid you a good night, leaving you with a favorite quote from a favorite book:

“The clock will never strike the right time,” the skull said… “But the important thing for you to understand is that it doesn’t matter whether the clock strikes ten next, or seven, or fifteen o’clock. You can strike your own time and start the count anywhere. When you understand that – then any time at all will be the right time for you.”

-Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn





4 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome

    1. The Last Unicorn may be one of the most amazing and underrated books I’ve ever encountered.

      Thank you so much for the warm wishes. It will be interesting indeed!

  1. Well, you are going to have one busy schedule this year! But this is such a cool thing to do.
    Good luck, and count me on board (for the journey)!

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