Achilles’ Heels

Some of you might be wondering why The Lady Of The Blog™ hasn’t been posting on a terribly regular basis since the end of the year. You might think that her hands have shattered under the sheer volume of words typed; and you’d be forgiven for being wrong. After all, 650,000 words is a lot of … More Achilles’ Heels

Guest Post: Embracing Incoherence (or, Rambling for Focus)

It’s me again, taking over so you don’t have to. A lot has happened in the last couple weeks, but we’re now 18 days and some change into November, just a smidge past halfway. If you multiply 18 days (and some change) by the Golden Ratio (1.618, a.k.a. “Phi”, a.k.a. “ϕ”), you get 30, or … More Guest Post: Embracing Incoherence (or, Rambling for Focus)

Cosmic Accidents

Me: Hey, God! Check this out! I’m totally making plans! God: Lol! Good luck with that. This month is starting to feel like the punch line to a long and drawn out joke. The pressure is on with this 12 novels project along with me characteristically biting off much more than I can chew, such … More Cosmic Accidents

Hello and Welcome

Hello! Come on in and have a nice cup of tea. I’ve got lots to tell you, and that will have to come in the next few posts – it’s late tonight and bed beckons. This is a simply a warm welcome from me to you, whomever you are and wherever you might have traveled … More Hello and Welcome