NaNoWriMo Prep: Creating Characters Worth Writing

The following is an excerpt from a post I wrote back in May, 2013: Developing Characters Part One: Getting to know you Our characters are people – people we’re giving free rent to in our heads, sometimes for years. And they ought to be worth that time to create, to find the right one for the … More NaNoWriMo Prep: Creating Characters Worth Writing

Japan: Saying Yes.

In May of this year, I went to Japan for three weeks. I left home alone, my passport mere weeks old, to meet a group of strangers from Australia. And I never would have had what it took to do it if it wasn’t for my journey through twelve novels. It began on twitter, and … More Japan: Saying Yes.

Inspiration #29: Whenever you read this, and wherever you are…

I went to a book group for the first time today, and after a few hours of talking about creativity and making dreams come true, I reached into a big clear bowl of colored paper slips on the table, and this is what I found. “Whenever you read this, and wherever you are, you are … More Inspiration #29: Whenever you read this, and wherever you are…


Firstly, I do have the second installment on characters in a rough draft on my iPad, I promise. If life treats me well, that should go live this weekend. I wanted it to be up last week, but it's a lot of information to wrangle, and my life has taken a turn for the interesting. … More Priorities

What is Happenning in Istanbul?

There are important things in this world. Massivel,y massively important, and what is happening in Istanbul is one of them. Please read this, and please share it. This is what the Internet can do for us, it’s what writers can do, we write what matters, we share what others write. Please read, please share.