This month is presenting a bit of a challenge for keeping track of my word count, as it’s being blogged (for the most part – some writing is going to have to remain too shitty to share), so I’ll have to keep track through more unconventional means than simply looking up at the word count at the top of the page, aka math. Shudder.

Anyway, this should be an interesting month.

If you want to read along as I stumble my way through this month’s project, then go here.

  • Day One: 114
  • Day Two: 327
  • Day Three: 327
  • Day Four: 1,241
  • Day Five: 1,241
  • Day Six – Thirteen: 4,811
  • Day Fourteen: 6,044
  • Day Fifteen: 7,258
  • Day Sixteen – Ninteen: 8,825
  • Day Twenty: 10,961
  • Day Twenty-One: 12,342
  • Day Twenty-Two: 14,933
  • Day Twenty-Three:14,933
  • Day Twenty-Four: 18,489
  • Day Twenty-Five: 18,489
  • Day Twenty-Six: 21,009
  • Day Twenty-Seven : 25,030 (Yay! Halfway!)
  • Day Twenty-Eight: 33,110
  • Day Twenty-Nine: 35,410
  • Day Thirty: 43,060 (this is all thanks to irowboat keeping me up all night and being awesome.)
  • Day Thirty-One: 50,058

3 thoughts on “May

  1. Not gonna lie, that word count spike towards the end of the month shows an impressive (and scary) level of dedication. Wish I had the oomph to wring that out of my own keyboard from time to time. Congrats!

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