The world is full of wonderful and helpful things. Here’s an ongoing collection of such things, mostly writing related.




  • Subversive Copyeditor – one of the most massively helpful blogs on all things editing and grammar related, with a good side of wit to help it all go down. Subscribe and be happy.

The blog thing

  • Lynne Knowlton’s Tools for Blogging – A bunch of helpful stuff here. Her tone can get a little over-caffeinated for me at times, but that shouldn’t take away from a great resource. If her thing matches your thing it’s definitely worth an afternoon to click around her site.

Inspirational essays and such

  • A Series if Adventures – Who quits their life, 15 year career, and goes traveling around the world, thyroid disorder be damned? This chick. She’s a personal friend and inspiration of mine, and everything you read is 100% real.

NaNoWriMo Stuff

English Usage, Grammar, and all the technicalities

  • Grammarphobia – A fantastic site with all things word usage, using clear and entertaining explanations.

Health and Exercise and Such – writing means sitting, and sitting is rough on the body. This stuff helps a ton.

  • Original Strength – these guys figured out how to increase health, movement, and strength in just some simple movements even the creakiest of the desk jockeys can do. My martial arts teacher gave their book to me after I had a shoulder injury, and it’s done worlds of good.

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