Secrets of a Sane Writer

a humorous mini course written as if you’re a new member to a sorta-secret society of writers … More Secrets of a Sane Writer


Memento Mori

Sitting in my car in the grocery store parking lot, flicking purple bangs from my eyes while I eat discounted Easter candy and listen to The Smiths on my car radio. I tap my combat boots with the drums and contemplate the esoteric nature of the holiday and its ancestral paganism as I open another … More Memento Mori

Guest Post: A NaNoWriMo Must-Have (with Promotion)

Michelle’s Note: I know Cameron through irowboat, and he is an amazing person, talented author and has invented possibly the best outlining tool ever made (Like, so good it made me squee in delight). I will be using Plottr to outline–yes, me… outlining–and I will post screenshots of my progress in this year’s NaNoWriMo here so you … More Guest Post: A NaNoWriMo Must-Have (with Promotion)