Inspiration #3

Every Sunday, I choose a passage of wisdom from someone who knows better and much more than I do about writing, life, the universe and/or everything. Share and enjoy! It is a truism that a writer reveals the self, sometimes in full awareness, sometimes unconsciously, but that is the goal. That finally is all that any … More Inspiration #3

Inspiration #2

I did this last Sunday, too, and I think I’ll make it a permanent feature. Don’t worry about talent or capability: that will grow as you practice… So just practice writing, and when you learn to trust your voice, direct it. If you want to write a novel, write a novel. If it’s essays you … More Inspiration #2

Date Night

Day 25: 45,229 of 50,000 words I know a lot of people idealize the practice of writing every day, but sometimes (often) that’s simply not optimal. Like when you get to see your boyfriend for the first night in two weeks because you’ve been so busy writing a novel. I’m going to go watch a … More Date Night

Inspiration #1

Day 21: 40,035 of 50,000 Instead of disturbing you with the fatigued working of my brain, a moment of inspiration for this winter night. Let go of everything when you write, and try at a simple beginning with simple words to express what you have inside. It won’t begin smoothly. Allow yourself to be awkward. … More Inspiration #1