Deep Breath in, Deep breath out. It’s NaNoWriMo

Tomorrow is the beginning of a great month. Ah who am I kidding? It’s the beginning of hell month. So here’s a quick word of encouragement.

Don’t let the stress of a huge, looming deadline change you.

Keep doing you. Keep your daily routine. Keep doing things that make you feel like you’re he world is a happy place.

I inconsistently meditate. I actually have a whole morning routine. It involves exercise and scripture study, some prayer and even meditation. The cover picture is of my kids pretending to meditate. At one point every night as a family we would meditate together just for a few seconds. It was awesome. But some days—or some weeks—I don’t get to do it.

And when I don’t, those days and weeks feel like I’ve failed for the day. No matter what I’ve accomplished, I’ve failed. Those days are off days.

So what I’m saying is don’t let NaNoWriMo throw you out of your routine for a whole month. Don’t let it get to you. Keep doing your daily routine and the things that refresh you.

You got this! In one month you’re going to have a whole novel that you wrote. That you invented. That’s going to feel awesome.

Here’s some more pictures of them “meditating” … because they’re just so cute 😁

Cameron is a family man, inventor, writer, and Christian. By day he works as a software engineer with Instructure, and at home enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and five amazing children. He is fascinated with martial arts and meditation, and he spends his free time writing and deepening his understanding of the creative human spirit. You can buy his novels on

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