Merry Christmas

So far, Christmas for me has been getting myself a bit organized for the coming days. I’ve been experiencing a very strange duality in thought in the last few weeks – I want to be blogging, getting websites together and doing the preparation and organizing work that will make my first month or two of noveling go smoothly. I should be taming my closet, throwing out and donating cluttering stuff and books, catching up on email and bills and getting my blog together.

It is also in the back of my mind that these few days I have left (6 now) will be the last time I can truly relax and faff about without that nagging knowing that there is work to be done, and the parts of my brain that would prefer to have an aimless lifestyle are rather insistent at making sure I milk these remaining hours for all the leisure I can.

It is an interesting battle that plays out in my head, one that is swiftly showing me I need to learn to utilize to-do lists to mediate these sides of my personality.

For now, I shall abandon the computer in favor of turkey and wine with my boyfriend’s family, and all concerns over the proper use of my time will be sacrificed to the Spirit of Ule and the giving of trinkets.

A Happy Holiday to you all. I hope it has treated you kindly, and that if it has not there was wine to wash it down.

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