Trying a new thing this month. I’m going to keep a daily log of my progress, both to show what kind of pace I tend to keep, and to see if that helps me stay motivated.

Day One: 1,866

Day Two: 4,821

Day Three: 9,010

Day Four: 12,123

Day Five – Ten (sick): 12,467

Day Eleven-Fourteen: 13,213

Day Fifteen: 14,731

Day Sixteen: 14,731

Day Seventeen: 15,204

Day Eighteen: 18,401

Day Ninteen: 19,886

Day Twenty: 19,970

Day Twenty-One: 19,970

Day Twenty-Two: 25,300

Day Twenty-Three: 27,143

Day Twenty-Four: 31,072

Day Twenty-Five: 33,231

Day Twenty- Six: 37,340

Day Twenty-Seven: 40,001

Day Twenty-Eight: 44,322

4 thoughts on “April

  1. My incredibly scientific and official cocktail napkin anatomy says that the detailed results of me writing at that pace would be… my fingers taking leave of my hands, my hands yanking my arms off and scrambling to catch up with my fingers, and all of them running off to Aruba without so much as a by-your-leave. And they definitely wouldn’t take me with them, the ungrateful bastards. They’d pick up some other body to do their drinking for them, even.

    This is my way of saying I’m impressed as hell. And, naturally, looking forward to reading all this crazy-goes-to-11-ness when (not if, but WHEN) it is published!

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