Writing Villains: Monsters

There are a lot of different kinds of villains or antagonists in fiction – just as many as there are protagonists. While plot and a main character are very important, finding what the main character is working against is equally, if not more, essential to driving a plot forward. Antagonists keep the story going; they … More Writing Villains: Monsters

Artistic License

I have never met an artist, musician, or writer who isn’t living their art on a daily basis. We – we artistic souls – live life in a fugue of interpretations, of seeing the layers of the world pulled apart into strands of music, words, color, expression. It never goes away. The only difference is … More Artistic License

Finding Time For NaNoWriMo: Painless Time Management

So you want to do NaNoWriMo, but you’re afraid of the time commitment. Your days seem full, and even though you think you could probably squeeze in a few hours writing here and there, you’re pretty sure your willpower tricks will work, but you still have a sneaking suspicion you’re doomed to fail. It’s time … More Finding Time For NaNoWriMo: Painless Time Management