Guh, Grr, and Blah

Tonight has been interesting. You know, the way a hurricane warning is interesting. If I lived where there were hurricane warnings, that might be a more apt metaphor – or is it a simile? I’ll figure it out tomorrow. For now, let’s just assume I know what I’m doing. Because it has come to my … More Guh, Grr, and Blah

Merry Christmas

So far, Christmas for me has been getting myself a bit organized for the coming days. I’ve been experiencing a very strange duality in thought in the last few weeks – I want to be blogging, getting websites together and doing the preparation and organizing work that will make my first month or two of … More Merry Christmas

Hello and Welcome

Hello! Come on in and have a nice cup of tea. I’ve got lots to tell you, and that will have to come in the next few posts – it’s late tonight and bed beckons. This is a simply a warm welcome from me to you, whomever you are and wherever you might have traveled … More Hello and Welcome