Sorry to be missing June; I did work on it all month, and I did finish, but for some reason I kept writing my daily word counts on random scraps of paper and in different notebooks, and never successfully compiled them again. Perhaps I shall be able to eventually.

A lot happened this month that got in the way of writing time. I tried to keep a steady pace, but as you can see at the end, things got to get kind of insane.

Yes, I wrote 20,000 words in a day.

Do not try this at home or you will end up sleeping for three days and watching marathons of Scrubs on Netflix just like I have. You have been warned.

  • Day One-Four: 1,045
  • Day Five-Seven: 2,514
  • Day Eight 3,359
  • Day Nine: 4,053
  • Day Eleven: 6,365
  • Day Twelve: 6,365
  • Day Thirteen: 7,580
  • Day Fourteen 8,129
  • Day Fifteen: 10,309
  • Day Sixteen: 12,318
  • Day Nineteen – Twenty-Five: 15,098
  • Day Twenty-Six: 18,987
  • Day Twenty-Seven: 23,142
  • Day Twenty-Eight: 28,139
  • Day Twenty-Nine: 30,287
  • Day Thirty: 30,287
  • Day Thirty-One: 50,239

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