Cross Post: The Nameless One

As I mentioned a while back, I've been working in a small side project of the material left over from working on The Novel – the prequel, you could call it. It got a bit sidelined with other things going on, but I'm back at it.

This is the second installment of that project. More to come very soon.

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He wore his sword on his back

As he rode through the darkness,


by it's heavy burden.

The warrior class, the samurai,

Back home in Nippon,

Carried two swords, always.

The long and the short,

Katana and wakizashi.

The swords were their spirit, their life,

Their death.

They carried all these things at their hip,

Embodied within the blades,

All their lives.

It is said of the sword

that it is given spirit

When it is last plunged into water,

The fire of it's heart locked within the waves

Of the razor edge.

No samurai would be found alive without both

The long and the short,

The spirits of war he wore to his grave.

To carry the swords

Was the greatest of arts,

To be the bearer of death,

To fight without fear,

To one day let his blade feast on his warrior blood,

Spilled from the center of his being.

The Nameless One gave his life long ago.

He carried only one sword,

The one on his back.

The blade forged in legend,

Given life when quenched in the blood of

Darkness herself.

It hungered for death, for blood,

As much as he.

A thousand years they hunted together,

Spirits in bondage to their masters,

Their lives a poem in blood across the night.

Tonight he set his course to the North.

It brought him no joy,

But his orders were given.

And he, the faithful servant to his station,

Would obey.

The girl had to die.

8 thoughts on “Cross Post: The Nameless One

  1. How much time did you spend researching every month for your novel? Because at least to me researching is kind of like planning which is kind of like outlining? (Don’t hate me please ) ok. Love you as always 🙂

    1. Haha you crack me up. Research only passes into the realm of evil (aka outlining) when it masquerades as actual writing.

      As for research being planning, that depends on how you do it…

      Ok, my reply ran hugely long, so watch for a post on this in the near future 😛 You’re keeping me busy!

      Short answer: I research a lot as I go for a rough draft, mostly when I’m stuck without the information. The second draft is for more in-depth studies.

      Love you too, Chica.

      1. Ahaha this is not a long reply and yayyyy posts ok can’t wait 😀

      2. Oh, you should see the half a thesis on research techniques I cut and pasted elsewhere. This is the shortest of short versions.

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