Due to continuing life business, this site is still buffering.

So until then, please explore my other websites and projects:


In 2012, I set out to make my writing dreams actually happen.

I decided to write 12 distinct, original novels in a year, 50,000 words each. And I ended up with thirteen instead.

I've been writing about the writing, novels, what I've been up to, and what I've learned here:


Since then, things have only gotten better and more complicated. I'm working on a self-published vampire novel (release date estimated for December,) and pre-releasing some prequel material. All of that can be found here:

Cult of the Sun

Along with these things, I write, I work, and I practice martial arts. I'm always happy and excited to hear from people about anything, and answer any questions.

Also, I like to document where I'm working each day. Don't forget to check out the Facebook page for pictures, quotes, and daily neuroses.

And of course, I'm also on Twitter.

Hopefully, these things will give you plenty to do.

And as always, feel free to email me at any time at:



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