Big News, A Warm Welcome, and other tales.

So wow. Hi to all you NaNoWriMo people! There are…. Quite a lot of you. Enough to make me feel like I'm in one of those dreams where you've forgotten your clothing and are back in high school, only where the high school is a virtual auditorium, and it's filled with people you very much want to like you.

I can only hope that what I have here is something valuable or informative or at least good for a giggle. If there is anything you want addressed, any questions, anything at all you want to say, please feel free. It is lovely to have you….all….here. Make yourselves at home!

To everyone else: I'm welcoming new visitors because I have had the honor and pleasure to write a guest post for the Office of Letters and Light's blog! I've been sitting on this news for a week now, and is the reason the posts here slowed down for a few days.

For someone who prides herself on the number or words she can churn out, I am still speechless at what a humbling honor this has been. I don't even know what else to say. I am simply touched and so happy that they asked.

Like most of you, I am also gearing up for NaNoWriMo. I'm gathering ideas for NaNo tips posts, and I am also getting a little excited and nervous for my own November.

I'm going to do it. I'm going to write two novels next month.

The idea for the first of them came to me in the shower this morning (showers are magic), the next is yet to be found. I can't wait to finish this novel and move into the next one. Even after a year of this, November feels more like the real thing; the commiseration, the forums, the eager anticipation of finishing, and all of the caffeine-fueled sleep deprivation in between.

Anyone who wants to be writing buddies can find me under wrightwrongs. The more, the merrier!

Once again, thank you for stopping by! I hope you'll stay a while.

11 thoughts on “Big News, A Warm Welcome, and other tales.

  1. I love that guest post, so well put! Even though I’ve watched you write these novels as the year progresses, it still blows me away! My novella idea just fell apart in the early parts of the year, due to circumstances wildly out of my control. But it is amazing that you have stuck to your goal, it really is – it’s very inspiring! Maybe at a calmer point in my life in the future I might give it a shot.
    Anyway, that is awesome that you got to do that guest post! That in itself must be really motivating! And I will definitely add you as a writing buddy (I thought I already had but maybe I hadn’t 😛 ).

    1. Thank you, friend. I really appreciate the feedback. It has been a giant motivation to guest post. The whole experience has been overwhelming and awesome.

      I’m sorry you had to drop your project, sometimes it just isn’t the right time, but I have faith that you will triumph eventually!

  2. Wow!!!!!! I am so proud of you!! 😀 That is so awesome! You are like… internet famous now. I mean.. you already were, kind of, I guess? What I’m trying to say it, GOOD JOB! And I know you’ll continue to be an inspiration for crazy writers in the months to come! And beyond hopefully. 🙂

    1. Haha Internet famous. You are so cute.

      And that’s, I can only hope to keep inspiring. Maybe to publication one far-distant day, who knows what the future holds.

  3. I’m here from the NaNoWriMo blog post, and I just want to say two things… first, writing a novel a month for twelve months is crazy amazing and I totally admire your ability to not hate the word ‘writing’ by now; and second, last year I did two 50k novels for NaNoWriMo and won them both, so it’s totally doable. Go for it!
    (Don’t know if you’re in the market for tips on that, but I have one — try not to do 1667 words on both novels every day. It’s hard to switch between two different worlds that quickly. I found it worked much better when I wrote 3.5k on one story one day and 3.5k on the other story the next.)

    1. Welcome! Oh, I’m so happy you commented. Thank you.

      And no I don’t even remotely hate the word writing yet, but that’s a good thing. When I started this year, I figured I would either learn I really do want to be a writer, or that I really didn’t. I guess this means I do 🙂

      And yes, tips are always welcome. That’s a good plan. I’m thinking ill write one in the first week or so, then the next one, but that may not hold up if I fall behind. We’ll see.

  4. thank you for the inspiration! i was freaking out about one novel. but you write one every month. amazing. thank you for making me excited about writing.

  5. I am coming from the NaNo website since I’ve decided that you are going to be my mentor for the next month !
    (Just kidding of course but I kind of hope that a little of your strength will help me going through this month !)
    Anyways I have always thought that the best ideas came to us while standing in the shower and that great characters always did things we absolutely NOT thought of them doing because they would not act the way you would.
    (don’t know if I’m clear, though…)

  6. Re: showers are magic– I keep telling myself I will buy a wax pencil to keep in there for note-taking. But since I don’t have one yet, I don’t ever remember to write it down and I haven’t got one yet.

    Congrats on the 10-so-far! What a joy!

    @dancerbygrace: That. is wonderful advice. I’m no trying for more than one right now, but I have three banging against each other in my head, and that make so much sense.

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