Writing Mistakes: Hoarding Ideas

My name is Michelle, and I am a hoarder. Not of stuff, not so much anyway (though I do own a prodigious amount of brickabrack from my life which holds value only to myself, and probably is only clutter to anyone looking from the outside-in) but an idea hoarder. I hoard ideas. It’s a terrible … More Writing Mistakes: Hoarding Ideas

Reblog: I’m Moving!

Reblogged from 12novels.com  Hi friends, This is my last original post on 12novels.com. From now on, all new content will be posted over at www.michelletuckett.com. Its an inevitable decision, primarily fueled by the need to grow and change. I was on a separate journey as I wrote a novel a month for a year; it’s now two … More Reblog: I’m Moving!

Guest Post: Embracing Incoherence (or, Rambling for Focus)

It’s me again, taking over so you don’t have to. A lot has happened in the last couple weeks, but we’re now 18 days and some change into November, just a smidge past halfway. If you multiply 18 days (and some change) by the Golden Ratio (1.618, a.k.a. “Phi”, a.k.a. “ϕ”), you get 30, or … More Guest Post: Embracing Incoherence (or, Rambling for Focus)

A Mad Idea

Day Four: Unknown of 50,000 words We’ve all heard the advice to write what you know. Less common is the advice to write what you want to know. This is the school of thoughts tend to subscribe to, and I’ve been finding that when I learn something in the course of writing it sticks in … More A Mad Idea