Inspiration #12 (Better late than never)

Every Sunday, I choose a passage of wisdom from someone who knows better and much more than I do about writing, life, the universe and/or everything.

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No matter what anyone else says, you do have the right to write.

It’s like breathing, Denise Levertov had said. And she was right. If you are a writer at heart, you need to express yourself to feel fully alive. If you don’t write, then something might go unsaid—and you’ll remain hidden. Hiding provides safety, of course, but it also keeps you from knowing yourself—which may be the point. We all have parts of our past, or present, that we’d rather not know. When I think about how many years I had writer’s block—how many years I avoided nosing myself—I am reminded of Ray Bradbury’s wise words from Zen in the Art of Writing: “I finally figured out that if you are going to step on a live mine, make it your own. Be blown up, as it were, by your own delights and despairs.”
From Write. 10 Days to Overcome Writer’s Block. Period. By Karen E. Peterson, Ph.D.

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