This Never Happens to Me (well, sometimes)

I’ve always been a believer in quitting. If you’re going to quit, quit early and save time and effort on the wrong thing.

I think I’ve started the wrong story. It’s hard to let go of this one because the character is clear and precise, the plot is interesting and I can see the potential for different problems to come and create change for the character.

But it’s just not flowing.

It’s a little early to be stuck.

Maybe I’ve chosen the wrong story. Maybe I’ve chosen the wrong place to start in the right story. Maybe I’m too distracted by falling behind on the blog and pressures from life to think clearly about what I’m doing.

I’m contemplating starting over.

But with what?

The idea of setting aside even these meager 3,000 words spikes anxiety into my mind, a mind that just a few days ago was feeling like the zen queen of words. I was feeling so calm, so ready and confident, so sure that I could make even a wrong idea right.

It has occurred to me that even though this is leap year and I have 29 days in February, I still have only 29 days.  I’m also likely to fall behind because of increased responsibility in my real-world life this week. I need a story that practically writes itself this month.

Can I afford to keep writing a story that isn’t flowing even at the beginning, when I’m usually singing and dancing along while the worlds happily fall from my fingertips like crochet from a crafter’s hook?

Can I afford to put aside a good character with a strong back story, maybe to never be picked up again?

Most of all, can I afford the time I’m spending trying to decide? That, I can answer: No. No I cannot.

I guess tonight, despite my misgivings, I start again.

Better to quit early than regret hanging on to the wrong thing.

7 thoughts on “This Never Happens to Me (well, sometimes)

  1. Hmmm good questioning of your work. You might want to try some brain storming and taking a break from the story. If character are compelling enough you won’t forget them, but instead become obsessed on how to tell their story. Keep writing!

  2. I was watching the NOVA series in string theory. Parallel universes like slices of bread. The big bang created by one universe connecting to another through “worm hole” like structure. Perhaps a worm hole can create a stream from one story universe to another… if there is anything worth “expanding”

  3. I tend to agree with Fiercely. I’ve got a laundry list books I’ve started working on, put aside, and then started something else. Sometimes I come back to one of them and give it another go around and sometimes they never see the light of day again. I suspect that’s part of the writing process that no one ever tells us about.

  4. Thanks for the input and support everyone! I’ve ended up sort of continuing the story, but not really. I started another plot from another character’s POV, but then the original block of prose fit in, so I just went with it – hey, 3,000 words is 3,000 words right?

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