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Hi friends,

This is my last originalBest Fortune Ever post on From now on, all new content will be posted over at

Its an inevitable decision, primarily fueled by the need to grow and change. I was on a separate journey as I wrote a novel a month for a year; it’s now two years later, a lot of things have happened.

I’m someone else, someone with different things to say.

And so I’m graduating.

Last month, I put in my notice at my coffee job of 2 years. I didn’t know at the time what I would do next, but I knew it was time to leave behind things that put me and what I cared about second. I’ve known since I was three that I wanted to be a writer, and so, 30 years later, I’ve given myself a birthday present of doing just that.

I’ve already found work as a writer and editor for, and I have plans to tackle The Novel (finally!) and other writing projects. For reals this time, because I’ve left no safety net.

Thank you all for being so supporting and amazing – many have reached out to make sure I’m alive in my year of absence, and that has been lovely. I look forward to living up to your friendship.

It’s going to be an amazing time. I hope you come along for the ride.

Much love,


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