Are You Actually Writing?

What with NaNoWriMo well under way, we must ask ourselves:

Are we actually writing?

Here is a handy list to double check if you are, in fact, writing.

Things that are not actually writing:

  • Looking for that tab you had open as reference material for a blog entry
  • Outlining
  • Complaining about not writing
  • Practicing your quick-draw technique in case of a duel
  • Sharpening your samurai sword
  • Slimming down your collection of 5,000 fonts
  • Tweeting
  • Facebooking
  • Searching the web to see of other people have the same problem as you
  • Replying to blogs saying “OMG I thought I was the only one with this problem!”
  • Replying to other comments with solutions you think you have conjured for the problem
  • Creating more problems now that you’ve solved one
  • Outlining (yes, it is worth saying twice)
  • Working on your chewing gum collection
  • Reenacting Firefly scenes with your Lego collection
  • Chatting online with friends and pretending to be writing because you have a word processor open the background
  • Shopping for apps
  • Shopping for gadgets to put apps on
  • Juggling small poodles
  • Obsessing about [RANDOM BODY PART]
  • Obsessing about [RANDOM HOT GUY/GIRL]
  • Reorganizing your throwing star collection
  • Gluing your furniture to the ceiling
  • Outlining, for gods sakes – stop it
  • Making ice cream statues
  • Bitching about writers block on your blog (if you can blog, you are not that blocked)
  • Complaining over beers you should be writing. When you could be writing.
  • Laundry
  • Research of any kind
  • Hunting wabbits
  • Pressing the backspace key
  • Wondering if you are original enough (hint: no one is, but write anyway)
  • And most of all… anything that looks like writing that is not actually contributing to your word count, regardless of how beneficial or essential it is and/or might be to the other aspects of your life

Things that are actually writing:

  • Writing

Special thanks to irowboat for his snark and insight.


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