Setting A Good Example, or, Screw It

Right now, it’s very late.

I’ve been working on my computer all day for Paid Jobs.

I still have 2 blog posts to catch up on, work deadlines looming, a trip to San Francisco to prepare for (Yes, I got into The Night of Writing Dangerously!)

Thanks to a new assignment, I am cramming math for writing SAT prep materials (my day job), which means I spent the last 3 days with my head so far up algebra’s ass I think we might technically be married in some countries.

I’m so tired I can’t feel my face. 

My word count is hovering at a meager 3,000.

I’m going to set a good example.

Fuck everything else. I’m going to go work on my novel. wpid-Photo-Dec-19-2012-943-PM.jpg

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