The Night of Writing Dangerously

Hello you gorgeous people!

This is my (only slightly) shameless request for your help in helping me get to The Night of Wr
iting Dangerously, taking place this November 15th in San Francisco. Because I love travel and the city, I have audaciously already booked my trip there, and now all I need is assistance to get in.

I need your help. I need to raise $275 of donations to the Office of Letters and Light through my donation page. Some of you wonderful, wonderful beings have already raised $66 for me, and I am so grateful.

By my calculations, if everyone who reads this blog donated just $2, I would be set (it’s also tax deductible)!

Because I don’t expect anyone to give without some reward, the receipt you get after donation will also give you a code to get into my SPONSORED CONTENT page where I will be posting fiction, poetry, and other things saved just for you.

It doesn’t matter how much you donate, you’ll have a year of access to this page, which already has an excerpt from The Novel, my great effort for the last three years (Chaper One of The Novel is coming soon to an exclusive page near you).

If you can, I would be so grateful for your help. I promise to take a ton of photos and write all about it.

Thank you so much!! Humbly yours,



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