Artistic License

This is the dimension of an iPhone screen – feel free to use it as wallpaper.

I have never met an artist, musician, or writer who isn’t living their art on a daily basis.

We – we artistic souls – live life in a fugue of interpretations, of seeing the layers of the world pulled apart into strands of music, words, color, expression. It never goes away.

The only difference is whether or not we are doing the art outside our minds or inside – letting our creativity live in the background or foreground.

Let it out.

Let any opportunity that inspires you be an excuse: NaNoWriMo, boredom, a dare, a dream, or a new set of markers. Create an excuse if you have to.

Whatever you do, make your art.

Make it in poems, make it in sketches, make it on post-it notes during smoke breaks at work. Make it on walls, laptops, iPads, convenient bits of skin. Play it on a kazoo.

Whatever it takes, let your art escape you. It’s already there, even if you don’t feel it, know it. It’s so much a part of you you may not realize it bleeds from you every second; it’s there any time you choose to know it.

You might as well just give in and be what you always have been. An artist.

12 thoughts on “Artistic License

  1. I procrastinate all the time to write, but at the same time I love writing.

    I thought starting my blog would help to stop my procrastination cycle:

    I’m also thinking about doing NaNoWriMo, but we’ll se how it goes.

    Thanks for this encouraging post!

  2. Reblogged this on Heart, Depth and Soul and commented:
    Like I always say, poets and writers are the dreamers, the lovers and the players, the starving artists that the world cannot do without. Whatever you do, make your art. Live it. Embrace it. The hell, curve it in your heart if you have to.

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