What Comes Now (For Real) a briefest of brief updates

I must be brief tonight, but I wanted to check in with this blog for a moment for a quick update.

Because I finally have A Plan for this year. And I am a happier person when I have things like plans and goals to work toward.

The hand written edits begin...

Second, I let slip yesterday on my Facebook page that I've started working in earnest on the edits and piecing together of last December's novel.

And that I'm going to self publish it this year, either when I'm done or chapter by chapter – I'm not sure yet. But either way, I will have a book to share with you all soon probably pieces along the way, to share and for feedback and for fun.

Third, I still have the remaining entries for June's blog-format novel to tidy and post, and I will get on those (finally).

As well as more content for this blog, because I miss blogging. And I will be more active on Facebook – I've started posting pictures of where I'm writing daily, just for fun. Please feel free come and share your own writing pictures. I would love to have a gallery full of writers writing, the mess of desks and coffee rings and papers and laptops – it would be lovely.

And Fourth, I want to figure out how to inspire more writing and more creativity. There are many wonderful things I have discovered and learned in the last year, but by far the most rewarding is when I hear anyone say “If you can write that much maybe I can do [fill in the blank]”.

And I want to share more. I want to find some way of bringing what I have learned out into the rest of the world. I've played with the idea of a free online class, or with just answering questions, or… I don't know. Maybe no one would be interested, maybe many would.

But I am totally open to suggestions. Really. Please feel free to email me, comment here, anything.


I'd love to keep blogging tonight. I have so much I want to talk about, so much to catch up on. But irowboat is demanding that I abandon the computer for the night to watch Batman cartoons and drink beer…

And how can I say no to that?



2 thoughts on “What Comes Now (For Real) a briefest of brief updates

  1. I think many people would be interested in some form of… communicating with you and learning from you, whether it’s a class or a chat somewhere. I’ve never organized one.. haha… so I’m not sure how much I could tell you about that.. but if it’s going to be a “live” thing I probably won’t be able to come because time zones Unless its a weekend and I can stay up really late. Other than that… I probably would not be able to. 😦

  2. Perhaps it’s all in your blog already (I’m afraid I’m a latecomer because I found out about your blog from NaNoWriMo in November), but the main thing I’m intrigued by is the idea of what you learned about your process during the insanity of meeting your goal last year. You probably tried many things to get your books written (or maybe you didn’t), but I’m curious about what did and didn’t work for you. I’ve been writing for years and am still learning (over and over again) what is core to my process, and what I need to completely ignore. And for some reason, I cannot help but be curious about the process of others, even when it is different from mine.

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