The Briefest of Updates

Hello, all.

I just wanted to say that I'm not dead (yet). This week has been relatively consumed with starting the second novel – yes, I found an idea nearly immediately and am 18,000 words in now – and getting things together for my trip to San Francisco for A Night of Writing Dangerously.

In fact, I am writing this in Phoenix airport on a layover – a longish layover, as our departure time seems to be hanging in some quantum limbo due to weather issues in California. At least it's not boring; the is internet and coffee and lots of people to talk to, mostly people asking me how I type so fast on my iPad. Practice, grasshoppers, that is how.

Limbo plane

Does anyone remember when airports were boring? Now they have free wifi and cafès galore and charging stations and flat screen televisions. Weird. They even send text messages when your plane is late. The first time I flew alone, I just had to keep looking up at the giant (GIANT) screen for my departure and hoping I knew what I was doing. Now, it's so damn streamlined thanks to technology it hardly feels like real travel.

Thinking about how far technology has gone makes me feel so old. Man, do I feel old.

Anyway, age-related crisis aside, I'm looking forward to my vacation and to blogging everything about my trip and especially about writing dangerously. And I have a few posts in the wings waiting to be finished and put up, and irowboat has promised me another guest post.

Now stop reading and go write. I'm going to squeeze in another thousand words or so while they work out if my flight gets to leave or not.


One thought on “The Briefest of Updates

  1. Just when I counted on the auto text and Delta app, their website went funky on me. Almost missed a flight! Havent tried the cell phone boarding pass yet. Would be just my luck for phone to die at front of line!

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