A Very Brief Note, for there is writing to do

Like many advice givers, I'm afraid I can't follow my own. I still have some 10,000 words left of October, having been put off schedule slightly by all the excitement, and I'll be writing with my head down and blinders on from now until tomorrow night.

But I just wanted to say: thank you. I have received so many wonderful comments and messages and emails and nanomails, and I just wanted to say that I intend on thoughtfully responding to all of them; I love each one. It really touches and inspires me to hear all of your stories and thoughts and questions and to share in our collective writing adventurers.

Please keep them coming. I promise to get back to everyone.

You know, when I've caught up with writing.

4 thoughts on “A Very Brief Note, for there is writing to do

  1. I entered a lot of comments tonight and then realized I had forgotten to hit the Post button. I guess Halloween has caught up w me!

  2. Hey – I just wanted to give you a shout out and a THANK YOU! By “pinging” my blog on NaNoWriMo Land, you’ve sent a lot of traffic my way and that’s very awesome to a newbie blogger like me! Once I figure out how to “ping” I will def return the favor! Best of NaNo luck!

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