NaNoWriMo Prep: Choose What Balls To Drop

Choose your priorities.

Seriously, choose them now. Because whatever you don't choose will fall by the wayside in November.

Sleep, nutrition, diets, housework, and laundry are always the first to go. Then comes the little things, like email and responding to comments on our blogs, if we manage to blog at all. Facebook becomes a spectator sport (if it isn't a favorite procrastination tool, that is), and forget responding to phone calls or voicemail, those go next.

Face it, we're going to be writing a novel in a month. Balls are going to drop, things will be forgotten, and no matter how many things we can get done before November starts, it is never enough; life keeps happening. And while it keeps happening, we will keep writing (we will, right?). And things will get messy.

We are going to be bad a life for the next thirty days, it is a necessary trade for the productivity we demand of ourselves. Especially as we near the end of the month, when we have been living in two worlds for too long, and become ghosts of ourselves, fantasy-driven spectors who go through the motions but are not truly present enough to function anywhere but the keyboard.

Choose now what parts will suffer, and what parts will be kept in place. Choose now which balls can and will fall to the floor, because if you don't, life will do it for you. And life has a terrible sense of humor.



3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Prep: Choose What Balls To Drop

  1. oh my goodness. It wasn’t bad enough that I will be giving up my social life, my net life, my employable life, now you want me to give up my balls too… Wait, I am a girl and do not have such things that I am aware of. I can juggle, and I am proficient at multitasking so if I am very careful, I can keep two balls in the air and one hand on the key board.

    When will we be seeing the title of those other eleven books you had compiled.

    1. Hehe you made me giggle.

      Oh, I have dropped many balls this year. Many, many, including just yesterday my patience followed closely by my social skills. At least I can keep my writing and social life afloat, eh?

      Oh dear, when… When I have the time to finally re-read and edit these disasters I’m calling novels. I fear and greatly anticipate the day.

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