Sometimes Writing Isn’t Important

I know that this is the gear-up month for NaNo, and this is probably not the headline many are looking for.

I also know that I didn't blog yesterday, despite promising to post every day this month.

I didn't write at all, in fact. Because something more important was happening.

Well, two things. One was the rare chance to have dinner with my dad, who is my favorite drinking buddy and one of my best friends.

The other reason was this guy.

He's irowboats cat Felix, and one of the coolest cats I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He likes to sit in the sun, kill mice by the dozens, and interfere with irowboat's packing attempts.

He is also dying.

We have known he was ill for a few months, but were hoping for a slow decline to a peaceful end, with any luck a ways away from now. But he has other ideas, and when he started to have trouble breathing last night, we rushed him to the emergency vet.

As soon as we were in the car I knew I was not blogging yesterday. Or writing. Or doing anything but being there with my boyfriend and this beautiful little ball of fur.

Because sometimes, things other than words are very important. These moments deserve everything we have to offer, and we must be there, wholly, to truly live.

I've spoken about this before, about how writing every day is a toxic and unrealistic idea. And I still hold to that.

We write because we must to feel alive. Lets not forget to be alive and leave the writing to another day sometimes.

We have a few days left with Felix. We got him stabilized enough to come home and for everyone to say their goodbyes, and then the inevitable will be decided.

I'll still finish this novel, and the blogs will still happen. I might even make up for the missing post one day.

But I won't regret putting the words aside for a night to be present for those I love.

It is really going to suck writing at irowboat's house without this view.



4 thoughts on “Sometimes Writing Isn’t Important

  1. Sorry to hear about Felix, that really sucks. 😦 I think the decision not to write yesterday was a good one. Sometimes, there are just more important things.

    Sending Jedi hugs your way!

    1. Very true and thank you for your sweet words.

      Felix was a special cat, and will be greatly missed, though I am pretty sure I can still hear him purring when we go to sleep. He was sweet and loving the entire stretch of his time with us.

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