You tell me: What Makes You Stuck?

Thanks to dawnstarpony, I have been ruminating a great deal on stuckness (a word I will need to teach my iPad, because I will be using it a lot), and the unsticking and how we get stuck.

And as a result, I hope to have a very good deal of posts about writing and getting stuck, so if anyone wants to help, please let me knew how you get stuck. What stops you from writing? What makes it hard to continue? Is it the need to start something new, fear of the unknown, fear of never getting published?

Iz dropped my pen.

Is it just space and time, or the devils in your head?

What about the devils outside your head? Does anyone (even and especially other writers) feed you reasons to not write?

What stops you?

What makes you feel like you're a kitten stuck in a very tall tree? Or a small one?

I really want to know, because I have discovered that being stuck happens all the time and for all kinds of reasons. And I want to know what others are dealing with, so my posts are more apt and helpful.

Bring me your fatigue and your unease, your huddled half-finished stories and tales of woe. Bring me your growing pains and pains in the neck and the ex who always calls right when you're really getting somewhere with your writing time (how do they always know?!).

I want to hear all of your stuckitude problems, and I shall see what I can do to make them better, or at the very least convince you to write anyway.

Because in the end, every solution comes back to just writing, no matter what.


3 thoughts on “You tell me: What Makes You Stuck?

  1. I tend to get stuck when I feel emotionally depleted. If I’m melancholic, confused or going through a rough time, I think ‘hey, this is what writing is about, pour it on the page’ … but I can’t.

    I also get stuck when I’m overwhelmed with too many palatable ideas (whether to start something or continue on something). I often wait (which I really don’t want to do) until the hyperactivity in my brain settles and I can resume writing. Sadly, if this drags on then it can result in the first point I mentioned above.

    The worst is the feeling of guilt when I have the space and time to write but I don’t, whether for these reasons or others.

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