Inspiration #20

Today I want to give inspiration of a different kind. Here in Salt Lake City, we have a massive and beautiful place called Red Butte Gardens. I was up there doing a bit of modeling, taking advantage of a perfect clear day, and afterward, the artist I work for suggested I go walk around and get inspired.

So I did. I walked through medicinal herb gardens and water gardens with children giggling and running around, and I passed a father and daughter sharing a bottle of wine and memories, and there was a romantic trellis covered in wisteria, protecting swinging benches suspended by ropes and looking out over the butterfly garden where hummingbirds flitted about and bumblebees sang to the flowers they visited.

I even passed a man carrying what I am sure was a sword. I didn’t ask why. I preferred thinking there might be a dragon hiding somewhere.

I started to get ideas.

Lots of ideas.

I sat in that bench and started writing.

I wrote for hours, totally oblivious to the sunburn I was getting and the day flying past.

Totally inspired.

What would you write in a place like this?


3 thoughts on “Inspiration #20

  1. Looks like a great place to write…maybe I’ll use your picture as inspiration since I’m having a hard time finding it on my own!

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