Day One Without Magic

 This is my first post from this month’s novel project over at

It’s still being fleshed out, but please feel free to come over and participate in the world I’m making, or just to read and see what crap happens under pressure. I could use some snarky faerie comments any time.

Day One

Welcome to my first blog post!

I am most excited with this opportunity to share with you my research on how to live without the use of magic. There are so many reasons that a faerie will choose to live a domestic life in the company of humans. My sister Flora, for example, has lived many wonderful years as a foster mother to many cursed princesses, and as we all know princess are seriously allergic to magics until they come off age and are able to face their curses (or find handsome princes to circumvent them). It can take three years of total domesticity to gain status as a foster faerie, and those years are very hard indeed.

I also wish to be here for those fae who have somehow lost their powers, either by accidental overuse or backfire, or those who are suffering the discipline of the Council of Magical Affairs*. It is a difficult time for any fairie or pixie who is suddenly stricken without the use of their inherent powers. My heart goes out to these unfortunate fellows, and this blog is also for them.

And of course these are just two of the many examples for which a faerie might find herself in the position to need to live without magic – let us not forget the witches who marry into human families, the leprechauns who are endeavoring to protect their savings, and all the others of us who at some time or another find need to live among nosy human neighbors.

What has motivated me to undertake such an endeavor, you ask?

Thanks to some very thorough investigative reporting into the inner workings of the Blessed Council of Magical Affairs, I have landed myself a position of great growth potential. I have been, shall we say, gifted with the life and home of a twenty-something girl. I have a house to live in and my wings have been quite well concealed – so well that I might not even know they exist myself if I didn’t previously remember having been a fairy of barely one hundred and twenty years, young I know, but one can never start too early at broadening their life skills, I say.

I am most excited to be able to report on my endeavors while my magical powers are not, shall we say, available. I am determined to turn these dandelions into wine and share my trials for those who also wish to live a magic free existence.**

So I make the commitment of living as long as I am required as the duty necessitates to thoroughly investigate and report on living and caring for myself without the use of magic. The Council, in their saintly wisdom, have decided to help me and have taken away my powers so I may not be tempted to cheat and use them in any way to try and escape complete my research. They were so impressed with my report in the Winged Weekly about their wooly-winged and stingy ways that they have been so gracious as to sponsor this project with their full imprisoning and binding support.***

I’m sorry, I seem to have become distracted. It is amazing how difficult it is to have to type words into a keyboard instead of simply dictating to a magical quill or Smiegt scribe. (If anyone finds my scribe, please make sure he is in a cage at the full moon. He was bitten by a were troll a few weeks back, and I am afraid of what effects it might have on the poor guy. No sense in letting him run amok if we can help it though, yes?)

Scribe or no, friends, I am determined to report on every aspect of living a human-like existence, and I shall be faithful to express both my successes and failures in all things as I make this adjustment. Please feel free to offer suggestions and help as well as encouragement. As for my sisters, who are mostly helpful, please find ways to express your condescension with the inherent grace with which you conduct your lives.

Thank you for stopping by!

*I have been kindly reminded to express my gratitude and admiration for the great works the Council does for our kind in the pursuit of magical safety and the protection of those affected by adverse magical reprocessing. We are all blessed to be under their thumbs safekeeping. Blessed be the Council.

**My sisters have made it clear to me that it really isn’t that hard and humans have been living without magical abilities – of course with the exception of those the Council bestows with the Gift (and we all know that has never gone wrong) – and they assure me that this project is indeed unnecessary. I however, wish to continue my pixie duties of being young and impulsive. I am sure they will find more to say on the subject at every new avenue I find to explore, and I welcome their always kind and loving advice and feedback.

***All references that suggest that the Council is a bunch of wooly-winged busybodies who have enslaved me in a human existence are merely in jest and are not to be taken seriously. I am to remind you that I am a silly pixie and am not to be taken seriously in general.****

****This is not true. They are a bunch of wooly-winged busybodies.*****

*****Just kidding. Mostly.

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