Writing Induced Insanity with Cat

Day Twenty Six: 37,202 of 50,000 words

Yes, this is a zombie post.

I’m finally catching up on writing this month, and it’s taking just about everything I’ve got left after even my relatively easy job. The need to keep putting words down is making me rather crazy. Well, crazier.

But, I’ve realized that I’ve neglected the blog. Petty much all month.

So hi.

How Is everyone?

Kilroy? How are you surviving your first month?

I feel like such an awful Internet neighbor. Actually, gazing out at the carpet of dandelions I’ve allowed to grow in my yard, I feel like a bad neighbor. But, yes, I’ve fallen behind on the blog completely and horribly, along with replying to comments, reading as many blogs as I would like to, and well, life.

Everything but writing is on the side right now. Because I have four days and 13,000 words left, and I’m getting tired.

I also figured out that it takes me until 30,000 words to really have a story dialed in. Every month, it’s fog and bread crumbs until I pass that threshold, then suddenly I can see what the story needs. Of course, this rule will probably be obsolete in a few months. Plenty to go.

And now I can say I posted on the blog, made my tribute to the Internet deities.

I should give them an offering.

How about a picture of my cat? The Internet loves pictures of cats, right?

There. Internet gods be appeased.

Back to writing.

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