Inspiration #13

Every Sunday, I choose a passage of wisdom from someone who knows better and much more than I do about writing, life, the universe and/or everything.

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“Night and day, while sleeping or half awake, you now let your mind live the rhythms defined by the line on the highway driving west, those mile markers that prove this story is going somewhere. you are getting someplace: This, you think, is becoming interesting.

So it matters little that you can’t spend eight hours a day sitting at your desk—so few people have that kind of time. The story comes alive in your mind, you take it along with you where you go, you practice. It becomes your rod and your staff.

Our aim is simple: We’re trying to keep our stories alive in our minds by listening to them tell themselves every day. You write whenever you can. You write day in, dy out, for weeks, for months, on end. You do it in traffic, while half listening to some not very interesting friend complain about the very same things she’s always complaining about, knowing you’ll hear her when she comes to anything new and interesting.

So you give yourself over to the story. You abandon the grand ideas you have about the shape it ought to take and allow the story to shape itself.”

~ from Architecture of the Novel, by Jane Vandenberg

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