April Daily Progress

Trying a new thing this month. I’m going to keep a daily log of my progress, both to show what kind of pace I tend to keep, and to see if that helps me stay motivated.

Day One: 1,866

Day Two: 4,821

Day Three: 9,010

Day Four: 12,123

Day Five – Ten (sick): 12,467

Day Eleven-Fourteen: 13,213

Day Fifteen: 14,731

Day Sixteen: 14,731

Day Seventeen: 15,204

Day Eighteen: 18,401

Day Ninteen: 19,886

Day Twenty: 19,970

Day Twenty-One: 19,970

Day Twenty-Two: 25,300

Day Twenty-Three: 27,143

Day Twenty-Four: 31,072

Day Twenty-Five: 33,231

Day Twenty- Six: 37,340

Day Twenty-Seven: 40,001

Day Twenty-Eight: 44,322

Day Twenty-Nine: 51,013

Day Thirty: 52,798







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