Two Down, Ten To Go!

Day Twenty-Seven: 50,685 of 50,000 words

Despite getting this month off to a rocky start, and thanks to a mild stomach flu that kept me relatively downed this weekend, I’m done. Done I tell you!

Well, you know, until next month.

In three days.

The disturbing bit is that despite the setbacks this month, I’m feeling like I might be getting the hang of this writing thing. Sure, my house is in a bit of disorder and my workout schedule is wacky, but I was expecting to slowly disintegrate by now. I thought I’d be wondering what on Earth I’ve gotten myself into.

I guess there’s still plenty of time for that though.

Like, ten months. And eleven novels.

This is where I stare blankly at the screen.

Anyway, in the next few days I want to post my daily word counts for both months – demonstrate my daily progress (or non-progress) – and if I’m feeling extra rambunctious, I’ll even see about editing an excerpt from each of them, though that bit might have to wait until the end of next month. We’ll see.

And until next month, I’ll be sleeping. And brushing my cat. And working out. And cleaning my house. And blogging.

Ok, I’ll be sleeping.


4 thoughts on “Two Down, Ten To Go!

  1. Congratulations! I seriously admire your perserverence for sticking with your 12-in-12 schedule. I creaked out 350 words last night somewhere between making dinner and putting away laundry. 🙂 If only I could find a way to not spend a 1/3 of the day sleeping I think I’d be all set!

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