A Mad Idea…

So… my boyfriend has found a new way of tormenting me helping me achieve my goals. When I say something important yet perhaps crazy, he takes out his iPhone and records me repeating what I said.

So it’s on the record.

He recorded this idea I had today, so I think I’m stuck with it; I figure might as well make it official, even though it’s a long way off (thank the Gods).

Remember in my About page when I said I’d try to sneak in an extra novel?

Instead of just doing one novel during NaNoWriMo 2012, I’ll do two. One for the usual project, and one for NaNo. 

Because why make things easy, right?

And Boyfriend? You’re a bastard I love you.

8 thoughts on “A Mad Idea…

  1. My sister and I would make our plans on napkins over a cocktail or cup of coffee, and then we would have our commitments in writing. It’s good to have someone to be accountable to. Great post. Good luck.

  2. In this size, 10/6, do we write ourselves into running like madwomen…

    I. Love. It.

    Your crazy goes to 11. That is completely rad. I cannot wait to see how it goes!

  3. Do it! I went to a reading a couple of weeks ago and the author said she wrote 120,000 words during one NaNoWriMo. Those 120K ended up as the first drafts for the first two books of a forthcoming trilogy.

  4. Finish strong with a baker’s dozen. Wow! I’m amazed you write one novel a month and my brain can’t process two in one month. You have my respect and best wishes!

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