In Which the Writer Doesn’t Edit This Post

Day Twenty: 34,062 of 50,000 words

Funny thing, this month. When I can blog, my novel isn’t working.

Then when the novel starts to work, I can’t seem to blog.

This one is being squeezed out despite those little perfectionist demons telling me I really ought to talk to the internets only when I have something to say. Beyond making sure my words are spelled correctly, this is all a first draft.

Welcome to my head.

My wide open, empty head.

Seriously, for thoughts I got nothin’. In here, it’s all a big blank if it isn’t about story or wondering over what new person has begun residing in my skin while I’m off taking care of other things. The new person reminds me a lot of the little girl I once was who wanted nothing more than a gauzy pink cannopy bed and unicorns covering every surface of everything.

Maybe she was the one who first came up with the dream of being a writer, and like Sleeping Beauty, she climbed a high tower and wrapped herself in a thicket of thorns until it was safe to awaken.

Who knows. If there’s a shrink in the house, feel free to analyze away. Me? I’m too busy writing.

6 thoughts on “In Which the Writer Doesn’t Edit This Post

  1. I think why it’s so hard for writers to write blogs and novels simultaneously is that they’re both such differing genres. Blogs are essentially creative non-fiction while novels are mostly fiction. To flourish in either genre, writers really have to commit themselves to their work; immersing themselves in their story or spending hours of free time mulling over blog ideas…Though I’ve never tried, I think it would be difficult to do both at the same simply because I don’t think I’d be able to properly ‘get into’ either if always having to switch between the two.

    1. It is difficult, very true. If I weren’t committed to this entire project as a whole, I would very much enjoy being able to do one or the other.

      I often blog as I mull over my story, and then muse about what to blog while I write my fiction. They play leap-frog. Sometimes it isn’t a pretty result, sometimes it’s a magnificent messy success.

  2. When my brain grapes have been squeezed dry of blog ideas I will usually just share something that I’m really excited about. A book trailer–for all that trashy “genre” fiction I read–or a trailer for a movie I’m looking forward to seeing. Also, updates on where I’m at with my book. I usually journal about where my book is going anyways so doing it here helps me sort my thoughts while providing a solid blog post as well.

    1. Good suggestions, but I’m afraid even those would be taxing on my poor brain. I rather like throwing out what I call a “zombie post” from time to time – this blog is mostly an honest presentation of what it’s like to write this much.

      Sometimes that honesty leaves flabby untoned posts because I’m tired, but that’s just the territory I walk.

  3. Hey, it’s good to meet another totally insane writer attempting 12 novels in one year! I’m happy to know I’m not alone! Thanks for the welcome. That’s pretty cool that there’s a bit of a community. I think we all could use the encouragement—I know I could! I certainly wish I had more time to actually blog about the whole process though. As it is, I’m barely scraping by with enough time to write the books and get them posted. Maybe in the months to come things will slow down and I’ll be able to add posts about the progression and stuff—okay, I just reread the part about things slowing down and realize how crazy it sounds… But I commend you for not only writing the books, but throwing up great posts—not to mention having the time to find other people like me 🙂 Well, good to meet you and I’ll check in later!

    1. Hey Steven! Thanks for dropping in.

      It is a ton of work, but I’m in fighting shape for it – I really appreciate the recognition of my effort though, it means a lot. If I was posting the stories real time like you are, I probably would be too much of a nervous breakdown-wreck to be able to talk about the process. As it is I don’t even think I’ve talked about what it is I write yet. Hm.

      And yes… when things slow down? You mean like next January? Lol. So happy you’re on the same crazy train as I!

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