Inspiration #4

Every Sunday, I choose a passage of wisdom from someone who knows better and much more than I do about writing, life, the universe and/or everything.

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Your book’s going to have many flaws – just like you. And me. Good intentions and bad habits, brilliant days and sucky weeks, all swirled together. Isn’t it your flaws that make you interesting and complicated? If you are waiting until everything is perfect to write the perfect book, fine. But at least practice while you wait. Work on a not-perfect book, on a Good Enough book, in the meantime.

If you want your book to be bestselling, riveting, stunning, respected for all the ages… spend time making yourself into a quality writer capable of producing best-seller material.


Write a book (a.k.a. marry a person) who is a lot like you. Some weak spots. Some gleaming strengths. A real, live, complicated entity. Messy. Some rough edges. And then take what you learn into the next book.

That is how growth occurs; growth isn’t usually comfortable, which is why it’s called growth and not napping. Growth is change. You can feel change. Things move around, detach, reorganize.

When you are perfect, then write a perfect book.

Heather Sellers – Chapter after Chapter

4 thoughts on “Inspiration #4

  1. Don’t forget that the final draft will probably be very different from the first draft. But you can’t edit or polish or improve upon a blank piece of paper. So just write without judgement, don’t let your inner editor intimidate you. Then you can make it better with each new draft.

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