In Which the Writer Is Not Alone

Day Ten: 14,283 of 50,000

I’m beyond exited to share that I am not alone in my insanity. There are 2, yes TWO others who had the same idea – to write 12 novels in a year. And they’ve both beat me to the punch talking about this – our little tribe, but that’s cool. I’m usually fashionable late to the party anyway.

So here they are: firstly, there is She’s finished! She still has a brain! She’s still writing and hasn’t thrown her laptop off a bridge! It gives so much hope and inspiration, and I’m grateful to her for her warm welcome.

Another lovely writerly lady is over at She’s working hard and has gotten so far into this and is absolutely, truly inspiring. I also want to thank her tons for her welcome to this little club as well. Her insights are familiar and reassuring.

I wanted to do more justice to them than just this small post. I wanted to go on and on about it – about what they’ve accomplished and how it gives me hope and joy and that inexplicably delicious feeling of being part of something collective and possibly powerful.

I also need to catch up on words. I’m behind. It’s been a long week.

And of all people, I know they will understand better than anyone that the words need to come first.

4 thoughts on “In Which the Writer Is Not Alone

  1. Thank you! I look at the others in our little tribe and it boggles my mind what you’ve both accomplished. I completely forget that I’m a part of this crazy wagon-train as well! Hang in there, it’s a super fun ride.

  2. I would never throw my laptop off a bridge, I love it too dearly ;p Hope you managed to get caught up! Last February I seem to remember getting behind myself and then writing 7k in one Saturday – the largest chunk I wrote in one go in the whole year, and not necessarily the best way to work! Still haven’t re-read that particular draft yet…

  3. I’m attempting 12 books in 12 months. Granted I cheated with January and February, I pulled out old drafts and revised them. I published both already, Fire Baptized (urban fantasy) and Incubus Hunter (erotic paranormal romance).

    This week I’m doing my first book of short stories (does that count as a novel?) and will continue on with the sequel to Fire Baptized next week (I’m on chapter 13). I just happened to google 12 books in 12 months and got all of you!!! I don’t have an official blog besides the one on but wow, I’m truly impressed with all of you.


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