Not Dead, Just Podcasting

14657367_323480091358439_3846945888435470522_nSo… hi. Let’s just acknowledge that it’s been a lot longer than any of us hoped before I got back here with an update and stuff and move on.

While I’ve maintained my relative radio silence, though, I’ve been up to things. New things, exciting things, challenging things.

I now have a podcast. With my sister… Did I ever mention I have a sister? She’s older than me and twice as smart as I am, and I can basically credit my love of reading and writing to her influence. I have joked often that she is the Mycroft to my Sherlock, and so we call our new little passion project The Diogenes Club Podcast, so named as an homage to the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

This whole project started because we learned after some twenty years that we are both huge fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We began talking about it incessantly as we re-watched the show in our respective homes, texting each other novel-length insights and analysis of the storytelling, character arcs, mythological allegories, and so much more. Finally, we agreed: we shouldn’t keep this all to ourselves.

We needed just two things: microphones and lots of scotch.

We launched, happily, on Halloween. I’ve had to learn how to set up audio equipment, record, edit audio, post podcasts to iTunes, and all kinds of other things. It’s been a challenge, and I love every minute of it. If anyone is curious about podcasting, I’m more than happy to tell you how I set mine up and what we use and all that jazz. It was pretty low-cost to get started, and we’re happy with what we have.

So, I have a podcast. You can finally hear my voice if you ever wondered what it sounded like (warning: I swear a lot). If you like Buffy or Angel, you should come and have a listen. Oh, and don’t worry — I’m still working on The Novel.

And if it takes me another six months to update you, I’m not dead, just busy podcasting.

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