Day One Without Magic

Back in 2012, I wrote these novels, and this blog came of one of them. I’m still working on getting it out piece by piece, but if you want some reading (and if you want to learn how to clean things without magic), it might strike your fancy.

A faerie's guide to living without magic

Day One

Welcome to my first blog post!

I am most excited with this opportunity to share with you my research on how to live without the use of magic. There are so many reasons that a faerie will choose to live a domestic life in the company of humans. My sister Flora, for example, has lived many wonderful years as a foster mother to many cursed princesses, and as we all know princess are seriously allergic to magics until they come of age and are able to face their curses and let the prince come to save them. It can take three years of total domesticity to gain status as a foster faerie, and those years are very hard indeed. I hope this blog may assist in any potential foster faeries’ dreams coming true.

I also wish to be here for those fae who have somehow lost their powers…

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