I’m Back From San Francisco

  I have a habit of separating my personal life from my blogging life, and recently I’ve wondered if I might benefit from a greater extent of transparency and intimacy with all of you lovely people, and so I want to, for a moment at least, get more personal. Firstly, I want to apologize for … More I’m Back From San Francisco

Achilles’ Heels

Some of you might be wondering why The Lady Of The Blog™ hasn’t been posting on a terribly regular basis since the end of the year. You might think that her hands have shattered under the sheer volume of words typed; and you’d be forgiven for being wrong. After all, 650,000 words is a lot of … More Achilles’ Heels

Guest Post: Embracing Incoherence (or, Rambling for Focus)

It’s me again, taking over so you don’t have to. A lot has happened in the last couple weeks, but we’re now 18 days and some change into November, just a smidge past halfway. If you multiply 18 days (and some change) by the Golden Ratio (1.618, a.k.a. “Phi”, a.k.a. “ϕ”), you get 30, or … More Guest Post: Embracing Incoherence (or, Rambling for Focus)

Guest Post: Your character may be a mugger if…

Written by irowboat I was going to respond this comment from dawnstarpony, but it ran considerably long, and PartlyPixie made me turn it into a post. dawnstarpony asked: Do you consider character planning/-izing/character personality sheets as outlining and wasting time? I’ve encountered two general populations of writers when it comes to characters: Those who are … More Guest Post: Your character may be a mugger if…

Sympathy for the Non-Writing Friend of the Writer

We sign up for NaNoWriMo, we buy expensive pens, we write manuscripts, spending hours and hours every day in a dark corner with imaginary friends . Sometimes we complain about our imaginary people and their imaginary worlds. We invest years of time and energy working on what amounts to elaborate fantasies with no visible sign … More Sympathy for the Non-Writing Friend of the Writer

Leaning into Fear

I will have the promised post on getting and pushing past being stuck soon. But today, I want to talk about something else. Leaning into the fear. This year, I have unearthed more about myself than I knew was there to discover. As I have expressed before, writing this hard and fast doesn't leave any … More Leaning into Fear